Posted on Mar 10, 2019
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Africa, South Africa
Attention: I have tried and tried every bank in my country , loan sharks and countless numbers of online lenders! several online loan cash companies scammed me of about $6k they stole they stole $6,000 from me all in the name of fees and fake promises of giving me a loan and finally gave me NOTHING!fine, the banks in my country maintained that I was having bad credit while other loan sharks maintained a very high interest rate which i could never pay off even 10 years after I die and due to all this reasons I decided to relax and to accept my faith but on my search for an accredited loan agency that offers loans online on Google I came across this loan agency by name Elliot Olive LOAN COMPANY which offers loan at a cheap rate 2% as there terms and conditions was well spelt alongside other interesting testimonies I read about them, online , I was very impressed and convinced but still I was scared because legitimate loan agencies does not offer loans as low as 2% so I was very careful but after asking around about this loan agency from friends and advanced personalities I was meant to understand that they are a legit loan agency and due to this revelation about them I had to choice other than to apply for a loan with them since I was not having any other choice and this was done via the email address: OR OR that was listed am thankful and grateful to this loan agency .. dont be left out , have them contacted if you need a loan too .... Their email address is: OR OR
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